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Living Rooms of the 1950s

Family Rooms, Dens, Offices, Spare and Multipurpose Rooms

1953 Armstrong DenWe're going to use an expanded definition of living rooms, at least for now, to encompass the rooms in which America's families played, listened to music, watched TV, and otherwise lived together.

Living rooms ranged from the hard-living room that served as public entertainment space with an adjacent dining alcove to a formal living room in which children (with their grubby little hands) were not allowed except on special occasions like Christmas because that was where the tree was.

As the decade wore on, living rooms encompassed family rooms and multi-purpose rooms. (We're going to reserve basements and rumpus rooms for a later gallery.) Such rooms served as a study or office, den, or music room. Often the den or multi-purpose room was converted to an additional bedroom as the family grew.

Initially, these rooms were fairly modest, but from 1950 to 1959 you'll see a transformation in the size, style, and attitude of this type of space.

This gallery covers a fairly broad spectrum, but is representative of the tremendous changes in the American lifestyle as abundance became more an expectation in the lives of ordinary people.

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