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1961 Weyerhauser CoverFor some years during the mid century, Weyerhaeuser designed house plans to complement their timber and milling businesses.

The company dates back to 1900, when Friedrich Weyerhäuser established the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company in Washington by purchasing hundreds of thousands of acres of Pacific Northwest timber lands. By 1929, the company had grown to include the world's largest paper pulp mill in Longview, Washington.

Over the following decades Weyerhaeuser has reshaped its business many times, but still remains a huge timber operator and player in the paper manufacturing business.

During a period of expansion after WWII, Weyerhauser expanded its operations into many other fields some related to timber, milling, and paper manufacturing and many others besides. During this expansion, they offered a series of home plan books which include minimal traditional, Cape Cods, ranch, and modern styles.


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