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Mid Century House Styles

Some mid century home styles were derived from earlier styles such as the Colonial Revival while others departed from the traditional styles and went in a completely new direction: Modern!

Despite the innovation and creativity found in many of the modern homes by designers like Richard Neutra, Kenneth Day, and Gregory Ain, many home owners found the call of the traditional styles to be more compelling.

Mid century traditionals included the Garrison Colonial, which became very popular during the 1930s, possibly because it lent itself so easily to the split level. The Ranch, which based a considerable amount of its style on the earlier Prairie, evolved to include the tri-level. One derivative of the Ranch was the "storybook ranch."

Manufactured and prefabricated housing became prevalent during World War II when housing for defense workers was in short supply. That eventually gave way to ever-growing suburban developments of tract housing as well as infill.

We'll define each style with its characteristics, and provide illustrative examples.

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